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The Emergency Response Portal (ERP) gives Properties a valuable tool to manage their key building information to save time and money during emergency and non-emergency situations.





Recommended for small businesses.

Register two people to receive messages from your 911 Emergency Services.
Targeted Emergency Broadcasts
Direct Message to a Property
Heads-Up Alerts
Property Overview
not available for individual residential dwellings

THE Standard

Ideal for:
  • Commercial, Government & Institutional Properties
  • Multi-Residential Apartments & Condominium Properties
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Utilities, Transportation & Industrial
  • Commercial Tenants: Retail & Office
The Standard ensures an efficient and coordinated response during emergencies and provides properties a virtual command centre to enhance operations in emergency and non-emergency situations.
Includes all of the Project Connect features plus unlimited users to receive notifications from the 911 Emergency Services. It also includes:
Internal Emergency Broadcast
Property Access
Access On-The-Fly
Secure Camera Access
Situational Awareness
Coordinated Arrival Location
At The Property Critical Data
Emergency Mechanical Controls
Hazardous Material List
Resources (PDF Files)
Tenant Emergency Broadcast
Risk Management Dashboard
Virtual Command Centre



The Enterprise Service is identical to The Standard and is ideally suited to Corporations that have a global, national or regional Security Operations Centre (SOC).

When local 911 Emergency Services request access to your Property's data, via ERP, your SOC will be immediately notified, which enables an enhanced response.