Emergency and Non-Emergency Response Features

Targeted Emergency Broadcasts
A targeted multichannel emergency broadcast system that lets the authorities communicate directly to the property/facility management and/or the site security supervisors by geographical area and/or by industry sector details about emergencies at your property or in the vicinity of your property.

Direct Message to a Property
A direct broadcast from the authorities, to a single targeted property, using multiple communication channels.

Heads-Up Alerts
Non-urgent email alerts from authorities to the enrolled properties informing the Gatekeepers to potential future issues (such as crime patterns, protests, large events in the area, etc.), that may directly impact the property or the vicinity of the property.

Property Basic Details
Total square footage of property, number of floors above grade and below grade, property-industry sector.

Access On-The-Fly
Properties can pre-authorize access to their property information to emergency services during an emergency, or can choose to grant access on a case-by-case basis during an emergency, called access-on-the-fly.

Situational Awareness
All relevant data such as Hazardous materials, critical building data, floor plans, mechanical shut off locations, video feeds intuitively organized helps provide real-time situational awareness.

Remote access to live video feeds from the property can be given by pre-authorized emergency dispatchers to first responders and incident commanders and/or property/facility management.

Property Access
An optional feature, used for enabling first responders access to the property.

Coordinated Arrival Location
Coordinated site arrival location (Primary & Alternate) for Police, Paramedics & Fire.

At The Property Critical Data
AED Location; Guard Desk phone number, elevator and panic stations phone numbers, property emergency contacts and tenant details.

Emergency Mechanical Controls
Shut off locations for: air intake, natural gas, water, electricity and telecommunications.

Hazardous Material List
Chemical, Biological, Environmental, Nuclear, Explosives, Electrical, Guns & Weapons

Resources (PDF Files)
Emergency Contacts, Fire Plans, Floor Plans, Environmental Hazards, Lock Down Plan, Active Shooter Plan, Tactical Plans, Restricted Company only files (access denied to emergency authorities - property/facility management access only).

Tenant Emergency Broadcast
Tenant Emergency Broadcast System by three simultaneous channels: voice phone calls, text and emails.

Risk Management Dashboard
Corporate executives have a list of all of their properties, the status of individual Property emergency preparedness and a list of all operational cameras.

Virtual Command Centre
Properties will have a virtual command centre, where they can remotely access all of their data and features for use in emergency and non-emergency situations.

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