Your Community, Your Emergency Response Portal

See how ERP will help you minimize operational disruptions, reduce property losses and save lives. ERP strengthens your disaster recovery and business continuity processes and creates operational efficiencies when dealing with day-to-day events and emergencies. 

ERP is a community initiative that enables direct, effective communication within the immediate neighborhood of the emergency. ERP uses Geo-fencing technology to ensure timely targeted notifications from the 911 Emergency Services. Targeted emergency notifications are by voice call, text message and email to ensure maximum redundancy.

Saving Lives

Emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time.

By registering with ERP, you will dramatically improve the effectiveness of the response of both building personnel and the 911 Emergency Services.

Saving Time

The trigger for most emergency responses is a 911 call.

ERP is the only service of its kind in North America used by the 911 Emergency Services. Having a Property’s critical information at the source of the emergency call improves the initial response during the critical initial minutes and throughout the duration of an emergency.

Protecting Your Safety

The 911 Emergency Services have specialized equipment and highly trained personnel to respond to complex emergencies.

These specialized units are normally dispatched after an onsite assessment by the 911 Emergency Services.

When a Property’s key information is available through ERP, the onsite evaluation can occur in advance, prior to the 911 Emergency Services arriving at the site.

See how ERP can benefit you directly

The Building

During an emergency when minutes matter and accurate information is critical, the 911 Emergency Services will communicate directly with the Property Gatekeepers. This communication is targeted and is over multiple channels for maximum redundancy. Targeted messages are direct from the Police to the Property Gatekeepers and sent without delays.

When registered with ERP, a Property benefits from a multiplier effect where the 911 Emergency Services are more efficient and effective during emergencies. ERP greatly enhances the execution of a Property’s emergency response plan.

For Properties with established emergency response protocols, migrating data to ERP is very efficient. The information being provided to ERP is the same information that will be requested by the 911 Emergency Services during an emergency. With ERP, it is now centrally located and readily available to both parties.

For Properties that don’t have their key building information readily available, ERP provides a structured template that is pre-approved by the 911 Emergency Services.

ERP’s design and functionality are based on industry best practices and with the extensive input of the 911 Emergency Services. This is why they use it and it is why they encourage its wide adoption.


The Tenant

Tenants can really benefit by registering with ERP. Firstly, the 911 Emergency Services will notify them of any emergency that could impact them and that they are en route. This permits facility staff and occupants to coordinate their response and improve the outcome.

Being responsible for their leased space, tenants need the tools to properly prepare for and manage emergencies. ERP is the best and most cost effective solution as it is the only one directly connected to the 911 Emergency Services. Tenants can register access codes to enter their space, upload floorplans, other key documents and connect cameras that they may need to access and share if there is an emergency or if they are locked out.

Registering with ERP is the best risk mitigation tool on the market for tenants. When you need it most, you will have access to all of your key information, remotely and securely.


With ERP, there is a complete audit trail of the data accessed, by whom and when. The audit process is approved by the 911 Emergency Services and will stand up in court. Properties are notified, in real time, when any of their data has been accessed.

With ERP, all Privacy laws and IT security requirements are not only met, they are exceeded.


During an emergency (and with pre-approval of the Property), the 911 Emergency Services can access critical information in advance of their arrival. Intelligence from live camera images will enable them to deploy specialized units as required, and improve their response once on scene.

When a Property registers with ERP, the Police can access their building discreetly, if needed, to mitigate an emergency situation.

Paramedics and ambulance personnel can also access a Property immediately, including after hours, without waiting for building personnel to provide them access.


The majority of emergencies are triggered by a 911 call. Wide adoption of ERP will lead to enhanced emergency responses by the 911 Emergency Services, which benefits everyone.By creating operational efficiencies and reducing the time from “call-to-close,” scarce resources will be available for use elsewhere. By registering with ERP, Properties are being part of the solution and will save time, money and lives.