Positioned as the leading risk management tool for property owners, ERP's use will extend beyond the realm of commercial properties. Government buildings, institutions and schools all fall within ERP's target market as each stands to benefit from the continuum of public safety. 

Educational institutions under the purview of the Safe Schools Program, are required to be prepared as best as possible for emergency situations. ERP will ensure they're prepared by making critical information readily available to First Responders when needed in an emergency situation. In such cases, saving lives and reducing property losses isn't just about managing risk - it's a moral imperative.



ERP was developed with privacy and IT security as top priorities. The portal is an "opt-in" system, where property owners must first issue authority to emergency responders in advance. Emergency responders are only authorized to access the property's data in emergency situations. Property managers are notified each time their data has been accessed, and its audit function safeguards against improper use by generating an evidentiary trail. Furthermore, it is not possible to view archived video footage remotely using ERP - only live video feeds can be accessed during emergencies. 


The ERP system does not compromise public or private privacy in the name of public safety.

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