The ERP Advantage

During an emergency when minutes matter and accurate information is critical, the Emergency Response Portal (ERP) facilitates direct communication between the 911 Emergency Services and your property. The benefit of this advanced communication is an improved response.

ERP permits the 911 Emergency Services to deploy faster and smarter since they have pre-arrival situational awareness and intelligence.

When it’s needed, a Property can quickly and easily grant access to its key building information to the 911 Emergency Services. This information is vital to ensure a “best case” response and includes:

  • immediate, direct contact to on-site personnel,
  • secure physical access codes,
  • floor plans,
  • coordinated arrival locations into the building,
  • live camera images, and more.

ERP has so many features, it can’t be explained in 30 seconds. Please watch this 3:19 minute video to see why our patented solution is right for you.

The Problem

Critical property information about buildings is not readily available to the 911 Emergency Services during an emergency.

The lack of immediate access to this information negatively impacts the efficiency and effectiveness of the response.

Time spent retrieving this critical information prolongs the emergency response time, resulting in further property damage and potential loss of life.

New laws in Canada and the USA require Property Owners/Managers to communicate critical information in and around their buildings when emergencies unfold.

In many cases, this is problematic because Property Owners/Managers don’t have a structured mechanism for receiving accurate information in a timely manner, and lack an efficient method to communicate this information.

The Solution

The Emergency Response Portal gives the 911 Emergency Services immediate access to critical information, including live camera feeds, during emergencies so they can respond more quickly and effectively. This will help prevent further property damage and potential loss of life.

ERP Provides


ERP provides the 911 Emergency Services with an effective, structured means of communicating directly to the property Gatekeepers, in compliance with all Privacy and Security laws in Canada and the USA.


ERP provides Property Gatekeepers with an Internal Emergency Broadcast system to communicate quickly, effectively and securely with their internal stakeholders, even from a remote location with any web-enabled device.


ERP provides the 911 Emergency Services with immediate physical access to property and instant virtual access to critical data.

By granting immediate access to critical property information and providing increased situational awareness to the 911 Emergency Services in emergency situations, “call-to-close” times will be shorter and emergency responses will be improved.

Protecting Privacy - Securing Information

ERP’s advantage is that it keeps private information private and secure until needed by the 911 Emergency Services.

ERP was designed to meet the most rigorous Privacy and IT standards and has passed the highest levels of scrutiny of all levels of government and the private sector.

The portal is an “opt-in” system, where Properties issue access to 911 Emergency Services in advance or on an as required basis.

The 911 Emergency Services are only authorized to access the property’s data in emergency situations.

Properties are notified immediately, each time their data has been accessed.

ERP’s audit function safeguards against improper use by generating a detailed audit trail.

Only live video images can be accessed during emergencies, not stored data.

It is impossible to view archived video footage remotely using ERP.


As the leading risk management tool for property owners, ERP’s benefits extend beyond commercial properties. Government buildings, hospitals, museums and schools will all benefit from this continuum of public safety.

Educational institutions under the purview of the Safe Schools Program, are required to be prepared to the greatest degree possible for emergency situations. When registered with ERP they’re better prepared because they can make critical information readily available to the 911 Emergency Services.

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